Medicinal Balms & Creams


Different combinations of different native plant based balms and creams.

all contain beeswax

ask medicine plants nz if unsure which would be best for you  021731831



Please specify which balm or cream you would like;

Kawakawa – traditionally used  as a soothing healing balm for injury or massage, also known for aphrodisiac qualities

Tupakahi – traditionally used to heal bones and muscles


Blends specifically created that were Traditionally used for certain qualities:

Repair Balm traditionally used for  muscle pain,  healing and regeneration, contains puketea, comfry, tupakahi, and manoao

Relax Balm traditionally used to help rest and relaxation, calming body and mind – contains tataramoa, tatara and more

Restore Balm traditionally used for restoration  when healing seems limited –  cream contains houheria, and woolly nightshade * skin test sensitivity required

Rash Cream – traditionally used for thrush (female and male),  mentrual pain issues and persistent skin rashes.

Replenish Cream – Natural Beauty Cream  traditionally used to help reduce aging, and restore skin health – contains mamaku, kawakawa, harakeke, houheria and more

Request your blend in shipping under ‘Order Notes’.

All  balms and creams come in 30g glass pots for longevity of product life and reusing of pots.

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